DEP mode used to focus. Set camera to Av, which creates the most depth of field. Av set camera at my setting of f/22-f/16 with a long shutter speed. Taken on a Bogen 3021 tripod with a 3047 head. Fill flash, 420EX Speedlite. I need to learn how to reduce the light ratio by using another flash, bouncing the flash or use of the ring to soften the lighting ratio.


Christmas Cactus flower Canon Elan 7E, 100 mm macro, 420 EX Speedlite set at 45 deg. angle to camera. 100 ISO Provia film. P-AE. Exact exposure is unknown.


Placed sepal in HP Laserjet printer tray in which the paper was curved to create a seamless background. Blue gray is due to an off camera steel blue file cabinet. 420 EX Speedlite was placed at right angle to the camera and light bounced off file cabinet and throwing blue onto paper. This was an experiment.


Speedlite set at 45 deg. angle to camera, creating more texture to subject. Sepal placed in paper tray of printer. Paper curved in tray to make seamless background. Flash bounced off background and lighted scene at 45 deg angle to the camera and subject. Used Auto mode on Canon Elan 7E with 100 ISO Provia film. Due to flash brightness, overexposure was sensed. Results: high key image. Experiment.


Shallow focusing was due to use of flower close-up mode, which has little depth of field due to large aperture. This did not matter because paper was behind flower, but I wanted to be clear what would happen. Flash bounced off steel blue file cabinet and lighted scene. Experiment.

Placed camera on Bogen 3021 tripod with a 3047 head. Sun provided backlight.  Fill-in light was from 420EX Speedlite off camera at side angle. Used Program AE mode which has naturally blackened background. Film was Provia, ISO 100.

Flowering Swamp Maple.jpg


Bud of Red Swamp Maple, opening. 100 mm Macro lens; DEP Mode & Tv in creative mode, due to wind with 420EX Speedlite at side angle and off camera to render texture. Unknown settings. Natural light in background.


Flower, Red Swamp Maple opening. Backlight by sun. Tv mode set due to wind. Settings unknown. Flash was turned off, hence, no fill-light. Provia, 100 ISO. Canon Elan 7E, 100 mm macro lens. Background included tree to left, light from sky to right. Placement of camera, wide exposure, made background happen.